A major component of what makes subcultural movements and scenes so engaging is the way the music, meaning, community, and shared experience become inexorably linked to creative people and fans of creative work. Many burgeoning movements, from garage rock to street punk to thrash metal to hip-hop, enjoy tremendous benefit from cadres of elite collaborators whose work may be behind-the-scenes, but whose fingerprints are all over the sounds that inspire generations of passionate people.

STEVE EVETTS is a producer, mixer, engineer and songwriter whose hands have shaped several different subgenres and scenes that have changed the lives of so many. There would be no SAVES THE DAY if there hadn’t been LIFETIME and Steve Evetts was at the helm for the classic records in both of their discographies. THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN moved mountains for progressive heavy metal and punk, making fans of people like Trent Reznor and Mike Patton, and Evetts produced every single one of their full-lengths. He was there behind the board for the debut album from HATEBREED, arguably the definitive hardcore band of the last two decades. Evetts helped his friends in SUICIDE SILENCE weather the storm of their singer’s tragic death, having produced Mitch Lucker’s last record with the band and their first with newcomer Eddie Hermida.

The list of important bands playing diverse styles doesn’t end there. Alternative Press cover-darlings THE WONDER YEARS have come back to Steve Evetts time and again. He produced SENSES FAIL’s biggest release. THE USED, STORY OF THE YEAR, EVERY TIME I DIE, and ALESANA have all benefitted from working with Evetts. He’s a close collaborator and confidant to producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, At The Drive-In, Korn), having worked with him on invigorating albums from THE CURE, SEPULTURA, and GLASSJAW. Classic hardcore and metalcore records of the 90s by SNAPCASE, TURMOIL, CAUSE FOR ALARM, SICK OF IT ALL, and DEADGUY bear his signature.

EVETTS up close and personal connection to the music he’s involved with ensures recordings bubbling with the passion, determination and expressiveness intrinsic to the bands he’s chosen to work with, so many of whom have defined entire subcultural scenes. As producer, mixer, and engineer, STEVE EVETTS is “a brand you can trust.”